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Green Tips

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

There are many immediate, small actions that have an impact. Here are some suggestions for things you can do right now to start making a difference.

  • Use a clotheslineClothesline whenever the weather allows
  • Use high-efficiency light bulbs like compact fluorescents
  • Wear a sweater/sweatshirt in the house during the winter instead of turning up your thermostat.
  • Use a broom or a rake instead of a leaf blower
  • Use canvas (or other reusable) bags when you go to the grocery storeCabbage
  • Buy locally grown or produced foods
  • Buy organic foods
  • Support your local food cooperative
  • Use organic methods in your yard and garden
  • Compost your organic waste and use the product to build the soil in your garden and flower beds
  • For the ultimate in local food get a plot at your community garden and grow your own!Community garden
  • Carpool whenever you can
  • Ride your bike to run errands or for your commute to work as weather allows
  • Use our public transportation (yes, it exists!) when possible
  • Shop for and donate gently used clothing and household items at your local thrift stores
  • Recycle newspaper, magazines, paper, aluminum, etc.
  • Recycle computers and monitors, televisions, printers, scanners, etc.