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Renewable Energy

Idaho windmills 
  • Ground source heating and cooling- by combining underground loops and heat pumps this system uses the relatively constant temperature of the earth to provide both heating and cooling. Typical annual energy savings are in the 30-60% range.
  • Geothermal heat - using sources of steam or hot water near the surface of the earth for hot water and space heating.  
  • Solar hot water heating - simple system using solar energy to heat fluid in collectors that can then be used for hot water or space heating.
  • Wind power - Harnessing wind to generate electricity and pump water.
  • Bio-mass - using fast-growing, sustainably grown and harvested plant material (from wood to hemp and switchgrass) for the production of heat or electricity.
  • Photovoltaics(PV) - also called solar electric panels PV uses semiconductor materials to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Our abundant sunshine makes this region well-suited to PV applications. Systems can be designed to fit any size project. Long payback but efficiency is improving - and  it's pretty cool to get your power from the sun!
  • Passive solar - trombe walls, thermal mass, solar hot water heating, and properly orienting windows for optimal winter gain are examples of how smart design can take low-cost advantage our inexhaustible supply of heat from the sun.

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