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Water Efficiency


  • Low-flow or dual flush toilets - reduce water use with these that toilets use less water in the bowl or offer 2 options for water volume depending on the type of waste.
  • Low-flow water fixtures - use water more efficiently with faucets and shower heads that use less water. Includes sensor-control faucets (even solar-powered ones) that automatically turn water on and off.
  • Waterless urinals - using a fluid trap technology these urinals save water, reduce maintenance and improve hygiene at a cost similar to standard urinals.
  • Gray water re-use -  integrated systems that capture graywater from sinks, showers, washing machines, etc. and re-use it for irrigation or flushing toilets.
  • Drip irrigation for landscape - efficient application of water directly to the area of plant roots results in up to 70% reduction in water use.
  • Composting toilets - a truly alternative technology that takes most of the water out of the waste process and relies on fungi and bacteria to facilitate decomposition in sanitary, controlled aerobic conditions. Proper maintenance is important for satisfactory results.
  • Constructed wetlands - artificial marshes designed to replicate the water purification processes of the real thing; also provide wetlands habitat.
  • Living machines - innovative technology that uses tanks, fans, pumps, plants and a wide variety of other organisms from fish to algae in a greenhouse environment to treat wastewater on site.

Living machine


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